Since 1980

My first exhibition in “Lieve Hemel stoot je hoofd niet” in Amsterdam was a successful start.
Ceramics was the material in which I expressed myself.
Children and human shapes have inspired me over the years.
In the early nineties I became skilled in creating images in bronze. This material allowed me to put my work on a pedestal.

In 2012 I discovered the possibilities of porcelain.
A material that challenges me to work as thinly as possible.

Public works

Energy company Nuon / VNB had purchased a work of art in 1993 for their art collection.

For the municipality of Ede Culture Prize 2008

Culture Prize Ede 2008
The Municipality of Ede organized the following art events in which I participated.
Emily Dickinson 2008
The Little prince 2010
Metamorfose 2012

Culture Prize Ede 2008
Emily Dickinson 2008

Emily Dickinson 2008

I have been inspired by the following:

  • First, the poem by Emily “Early on the way” in which Emily seems to surrender to moments of great passion and aversion to regular married life. She describes it a game of give and take that plays with the waves.
  • Second, the manner of collecting poems. Sheets of paper stacked on a wire in order.

The Little Prince | Antoine de Saint – Exupéry 2010

I found a strange acorn in the garden. This was the starting point of this art form. I see all sorts of forms in this, a king, a sheep, a little guy and a star.

The Little Prince
Metamorphosis 2012

Metamorphosis 2012

Here is my own metamorphosis. A turnaround in expression.
From bronze to China clay.
Vulnerable growth!
I am a member of the Foundation Atelierroute Lunteren, 
which annually holds the (atelierroute) on the second weekend of June. During this event the artists open their ateliers to the public.

A very successful event.